About Beeleaf

Beeleaf is the dream of a mom and daughter from Calgary, Alberta who share a desire to create beautiful, sustainable products of the highest quality. Our pieces are designed to endure and be handed down to friends and family, from one generation to the next. 

Our Values



We have made a commitment to ourselves, our families, and our customers to avoid causing harm to living creatures through the production of Beeleaf products. We use vegan fabrics and do not partner with or purchase from any companies that test on animals. Our products will never be sold in any markets where animal testing is required by law. 



Every decision we make comes back to sustainability. We only have one Earth, and we want to treat it with as much respect as possible. The fabrics we use are made of natural and renewable fibers such as cotton, flax, and bamboo and/or recycled materials. We print our signs and stationary on recycled paper and use upcycled materials in our designs whenever possible. 



We source all our fabrics and at least 90% of our materials from Canadian suppliers and small businesses. We use Calgary-based graphic designers and photographers, and everything we sell is handmade by our team.

Who is Beeleaf?


Courtney Sokal Dewit, Founding Partner

Courtney has been fostering her entrepreneurial spirit since grade three when she started her first small business selling crab apples from the backyard tree. After finishing university with two degrees, she founded Beeleaf with her mom, Karen, in 2013 and, after having her first child, left the corporate world to focus on family and her goal of providing more sustainable and cruelty-free product options to consumers. She is passionate about books, yoga, and ending animal testing worldwide. She lives in a cozy home with her husband Mark, one-year-old son William, cats Tico and Ripley, and a backyard filled with flowers, strawberries, tomatoes, rhubarb, a bee house, Saskatoon berries, and another apple tree.


Karen Sokal, Founding Partner

Karen provides the organizational prowess that keeps Beeleaf running. She has worked in varied industries, has decades of sewing expertise, and is known among her colleagues as reliable and genuine. She has encouraged Courtney to start her own business for several years and is excited to be partnering with her daughter on this venture. Karen has two sassy cats, Sophie and Lily, and enjoys spending time with her friends and family. Originally from Winnipeg, Karen and her husband Randy are longtime residents of Calgary and devoted Calgary Stampeders fans. She is mom to Courtney and Vanessa, and Grandma to one very sweet little boy.


Sheryl Dewit, Seamstress

Sheryl is known among her friends and family as a sewing master. She has been hemming skirts, replacing buttons, and fixing seams for over 40 years. A retired NICU nurse, Sheryl has a kind, caring, and tireless spirit. She is wife to John and mom to Matthew and, Courtney's husband, Mark. She is an avid baseball and football fan, and loves spending time with family at her second home in Arizona. She is Grammy to one little boy who is a bright light in her life.