Ring Sling Safety

It is important that you are confident in your ability to carry and adjust baby in your sling. Practice putting baby in the sling in the various carry positions with a friend, partner, or family member spotting you. The carry positions listed on this site are the only ways to use your sling that are recommended by Beeleaf.

Baby’s head should be above your chest (if not nursing), and you should be able to kiss their forehead when being worn in front of you. Do not let baby rest their head and mouth flat against your chest; ensure that baby’s airways remain clear and that their chin does not slump down onto their chest.

When in the Newborn or Front Carry, baby’s knees should always be above their hips in an ‘M’ position. In the Front Carry, the edge of the sling fabric can rest alongside the backs of baby’s knees while remaining in the ‘M’ position.

Once baby is positioned, tighten the sling enough that it is difficult to fit a finger between the edge of the fabric and baby’s back. Check that the sling fabric is not twisted or bunched across your back (or front, if using the Back Carry). Fan the sling fabric out over your shoulder to ease the pressure and provide more stability for carrying baby.

We recommend regular inspections for rips, fraying, thinning, and wear which can compromise the safety and integrity of your sling. Note that rings, bracelets, and other jewelry can snag and rip the fabric of your sling. If you have any questions about the condition of your sling, please contact Beeleaf at

Children over 35 lbs. should not be carried in the ring sling.

Disclaimer: Beeleaf is not liable for any accidents or injuries that occur when using the Beeleaf ring sling.


Please email us with any questions  you may have about using your ring sling .